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Welcome to my scribe post about word problems. In our last class Mr. Harbeck taught us how to properly answer word problems. 

Here I will be explaining to you how to solve the word problem in words.
  1. You read the question 3 times. Twice in your head and once out loud.
  2. Highlight the question.
  3.  Highlight the important parts of the question(not just the number but also what the number is)
  4. Make a blank statement. (answer your question but put a blank where your answer is suppose to be)
  5. Write your variable and what it stands for.
  6. Make jot notes about the important parts of the question(what you highlighted in the third step)
  7. Write the equation in words.
  8. Substitute the words for what they stand for.
  9. Answer and verify
  10. Put answer in blank statement.

Here is my video where I show you how to properly solve word problems

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