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Welcome to my first Algebra Scribe Post

Today we learned about One Step Algebra Equation. Here is a picture on how to solve and verify an algebra equation.
  •  First, you have to do is put the variable(n) first then the 2 constants (+3 and -6)beside it. 
  • Next, answer the 2 constant (in this question the 2 constants are +3 and -6 and you should get -3 as your answer.)
  • After, rewrite the question variable first and constant after, this will make a one step algebra equation.
  • Once you have the one step algebra equation, isolate the variable by canceling out zero pair( the zero pair in this question is -3 and 3 make sure to do the same method on the other side to make it balance). Isolating means using an opposite operation to make the variable by itself. 
  • And now your answer should be n=15.
  • Don't forget to VERIFY your answer!
  • To verify your answer make a statement saying let n=15.
  • Next rewrite the question.
  • Rewrite the question again but this time replace the n with your answer which is 15.
  • Answer the first 2 constant (3+15).
  • Now replace 3+15-6 with 18-6.
  • Answer it and you should get 12=12 as your answer.

There are 4 points on how to solve an equation. Here are 4 of them:
  • Isolate the variable.
  • Cancel by putting an opposite operation.
  • What you put on one side, put it on the other side, Make sure to keep the equation balance.
  • VERIFY your answer by CHECKING it.

This video will show you how to properly do a one step algebra equation.

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  1. You explained it well and did it step by step so it made it easy to understand