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Today we learned how to do the "3 Faces of Division"
Here is a picture on how to solve and verify the "3 faces of division"
Top left question:
    -Rewrite the question but put (3).
    -Cancel out 3 and -3 and it should leave you with x. Draw a line under 12 and put -3 to show your        dividing it.
    -Last is put x = 12 to show that the x is 12
    -Now verify. Write "let x =12"
    -Rewrite the question but this time instead of putting x, you put 12
    -Solve the answer and your answer should be -4 but x is 12
    -*Mr Harbeck says* "we don't want a Yanto we want a Bob and Bif which is you put -4 = -4          to balance it."  

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