HAHAHAH Jem's Word Problem Solving Scribe Post. :DD

This is my word problem solving scribe post.

In class we learned how to solve word problems the right way. This post will help you if you are in need of help. 

Here are the steps to help solve the word problem in words.
1. Read the question 3 times.
2. Highlight or underline the question in the problem then write out a sentence answering the question, but leave a blank for when you have to right in the actual answer.
3. Underneath the question you've written out, write out what your variable will mean.
4. Now, in the problem, again, underline the numbers in it.
5. Underneath everything so far, write the number statements under each other.
6. On the other side write your equation and solve it.
7. Once you've solved your equation VERIFY.
8. After everything fill in your blank that's in the sentence that's answering the word problem.

Problem 1.
A Chest was on the ocean floor 1000 ft below the surface. It was lifted to the deck of a ship 8 ft above the surface. How far was the chest lifted?

Problem 2.
When all the kids who tried out for Little League were divided into teams of 20 players, there were exactly 8 teams. How many kids tried out?

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